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Why ThirdMesh is using 3D printing?

Posted by Ariel 
Why ThirdMesh is using 3D printing?
January 09, 2018 11:52PM
Can you elaborate on why you are using the 3D printing technology, instead of the conventional manufacturing process for the prosthetic limb?
Re: Why ThirdMesh is using 3D printing?
January 10, 2018 12:03AM
Upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation is more challenging, in regions where disability or disfigurement of the body is severely stigmatized, there is social and familial exclusion. Such shunning and exclusion can be very debilitating for young adults, especially children.

Prosthesis work with patients is just a part of the continuum of rehabilitation of the patient. Prosthesis work helps patient to overcome the emotional after-effects of limb-loss, to develop confidence and also the identify their capabilities and perform activities which help them to return to active life in their society.

The growth of additive manufacturing technologies has a significant impact on prosthetics applications. This is currently seen in trans-radial prosthetic hands, which enables the needs of child amputees. The 3D printed devices have improved the functionality with fully movable fingers, and some of the devices have integrated artificial intelligence tools, which can resemble the functions of an anatomical hand.
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