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Custom Ability

Posted by admin 
Custom Ability
January 05, 2018 09:27PM
Custom Ability is a digital supply chain management that combines 3D scanning, Computer Aided Designing, and printing technologies with Additive Manufacturing techniques using open source software and affordable hardware to produce orthotic mobility devices and other diagnostic tools which enables’ better care in more places.

How does Custom Ability Work:

    [*] Determining the best way to move forward by discovering the roots of a challenge.
    [*] Design solving problems by making experiences simple
    [*] Direct implementing experiences that are connected to the challenge


    [*] Accessibility-Easily available Durable, comfortable, and easy for patients to use and maintain
    [*] Affordability-Cost effective, modern and consistent with international standards with Easy for technicians to learn, use, and repair
    [*] Availability- Standardized but compatible with the climate in different world regions

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